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Why We Are Different
  • Private Paddocks
  • Steffee Surfaces
    Riding Rings
  • Located Within the Kentucky Horse Park

About Us

The Steffee family has over 30 years of experience in the show jumping and show hunter industries.  From breeding the best quality stock to showing in International Grand Prix events, we have lived and learned what it takes to train the highest level of competition horses.  Our facilities have been designed to accommodate these needs while still providing a beautiful place to enjoy each day.   Our belief is that horses work at their best when they are comfortable in a natural environment.  Great care has been taken to use native landscaping at both facilities.  Another important factor in the training of top-level horses is safe and comfortable footing.  Through many years of professional footing design, we have created the best footing possible.  Our combined experiences have created outstanding venues for horse training.